DNSControl has build in support for notifications when changes are made. This allows you to post messages in team chat, or send emails when dns changes are made.

Notifications are written in the notifications package, and is a really simple interface to implement if you want to add new types or destinations.


Notifications are set up in your credentials JSON file. They will use the notifications key to look for keys or configuration needed for various notification types.

  "r53": {
  "gcloud": {
  } ,
  "notifications": {
      "slack_url": "",
      "teams_url": ""


If you want to send a notification, add the --notify flag to the dnscontrol preview or dnscontrol push commands.

Below is an example where we add the A record foo and display the notification output.

+ A("foo", ""),

Preview example

In case of dnscontrol preview:

dnscontrol preview --notify

The notification output

**Preview:[my_provider] -** CREATE A ( ttl=86400)

Push example

In case of dnscontrol push:

dnscontrol push --notify

The notification output

Successfully ran correction for **[my_provider]** - CREATE A ttl=86400

Notification types


If you want to use the Slack integration, you need to create a webhook in Slack. Please see the Slack documentation or the Mattermost documentation

Configure slack_url to this webhook. Mattermost works as well, as they share the same api,

Microsoft Teams

If you want to use the Teams integration, you need to create a webhook in Teams. Please see the Teams documentation

Configure teams_url to this webhook.


If you want to use the Telegram integration, you need to create a Telegram bot and obtain a Bot Token, as well as a Chat ID. Get a Bot Token by contacting @BotFather, and a Chat ID by contacting @myidbot.

Configure telegram_bot_token and telegram_chat_id to these values.


This is Stack Overflow's built in chat system. This is probably not useful for most people.

Configure bonfire_url to be the full url including room and api key.

Future work

Yes, this seems pretty limited right now in what it can do. We didn't want to add a bunch of notification types if nobody was going to use them. The good news is, it should be really simple to add more. We gladly welcome any PRs with new notification destinations. Some easy possibilities:

  • Email

  • Generic Webhooks

Please update this documentation if you add anything.

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