Akamai Edge DNS

"Akamai Edge DNS Provider" configures Akamai's Edge DNS service.

This provider interacts with Edge DNS via the Edge DNS Zone Management API.

Before you can use this provider, you need to create an "API Client" with authorization to use the Edge DNS Zone Management API.

See the "Get Started" section of Edge DNS Zone Management API, which says, "To enable this API, choose the API service named DNS—Zone Record Management, and set the access level to READ-WRITE."

Follow directions at Authenticate With EdgeGrid to generate the required credentials.


To use this provider, add an entry to creds.json with TYPE set to AKAMAIEDGEDNS along with the authentication fields.


  "akamaiedgedns": {
    "client_secret": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "host": "akaa-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx.akamaiapis.net",
    "access_token": "akaa-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "client_token": "akaa-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "contract_id": "X-XXXX",
    "group_id": "NNNNNN"


A new zone created by DNSControl:

dnscontrol create-domains

automatically creates SOA and authoritative NS records.

Akamai assigns a unique set of authoritative nameservers for each contract. These authorities should be used as the NS records on all zones belonging to this contract.

The NS records for these authorities have a TTL of 86400.



modifier to the dnscontrol.js D() function so that DNSControl does not change the TTL of the authoritative NS records.

Example dnsconfig.js:

var REG_NONE = NewRegistrar("none");
var DSP_AKAMAIEDGEDNS = NewDnsProvider("akamaiedgedns");

D("example.com", REG_NONE, DnsProvider(DSP_AKAMAIEDGEDNS),
  AKAMAICDN("@", "www.preconfigured.edgesuite.net", TTL(20)),
  A("foo", ""),

AKAMAICDN is a proprietary record type that is used to configure Zone Apex Mapping. The AKAMAICDN target must be preconfigured in the Akamai network.

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