NS adds a NS record to the domain. The name should be the relative label for the domain.

The name may not be @ (the bare domain), as that is controlled via NAMESERVER(). The difference between NS() and NAMESERVER() is explained in the NAMESERVER() description.

Target should be a string representing the NS target. If it is a single label we will assume it is a relative name on the current domain. If it contains any dots, it should be a fully qualified domain name, ending with a ..

D("example.com", REG_MY_PROVIDER, DnsProvider(DSP_MY_PROVIDER),
  NS("foo", "ns1.example2.com."), // Delegate ".foo.example.com" zone to another server.
  NS("foo", "ns2.example2.com."), // Delegate ".foo.example.com" zone to another server.
  A("ns1.example2.com", ""), // Glue records
  A("ns2.example2.com", ""), // Glue records

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