Unit Testing DNS Data

Built-in Tests

DNSControl performs a number of tests during the validation stage. You can find them in pkg/normalize/validate.go.

External tests

Tests specific to your environment may be added as external tests. Output the intermediate representation as a JSON file and perform tests on this data.

Output the intermediate representation:

dnscontrol print-ir --out foo.json --pretty

NOTE: The --pretty flag is optional.

Here is a sample test written in bash using the jq command. This fails if the number of MX records in the stackex.com domain is not exactly 5:

COUNTMX=$(jq --raw-output <foo.json '.domains[] | select(.name == "stackex.com") | .records[] | select(.type == "MX") | .target' | wc -l)
if [[ "$COUNTMX" -eq "5" ]]; then
  echo GOOD
  echo BAD

Future directions

Manipulating JSON data is difficult. If you implement ways to make it easier, we'd gladly accept contributions.

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