Global Flag

These flags are global. They affect all subcommands.

   --debug, -v        Enable detailed logging (default: false)
   --allow-fetch      Enable JS fetch(), dangerous on untrusted code! (default: false)
   --disableordering  Disables update reordering (default: false)
   --no-colors        Disable colors (default: false)
   --help, -h         show help

They must appear before the subcommand.


dnscontrol --no-colors preview


dnscontrol preview --no-colors
  • -debug

    • Enable debug output. (The -v alias is the original name for this flag. That alias will go away eventually.)

  • --allow-fetch

    • Enable the fetch() function in dnsconfig.js (or equivalent). It is disabled by default because it can be used for nefarious purposes. It is dangerous on untrusted code! Enable it only if you trust all the people editing dnsconfig.js.

  • --disableordering

    • Disables update reordering. Normally DNSControl re-orders the updates done by push. This is usually only used to work around bugs in the reordering code.

  • --no-colors

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