DNSControl offers a M365_BUILDER which can be used to simply set up Microsoft 365 for a domain in an opinionated way.

It defaults to a setup without support for legacy Skype for Business applications. It doesn't set up SPF or DMARC. See SPF_BUILDER and DMARC_BUILDER.


Simple example

    initialDomain: "example.onmicrosoft.com",

This sets up MX records, Autodiscover, and DKIM.

Advanced example

    label: "test",
    mx: false,
    autodiscover: false,
    dkim: false,
    mdm: true,
    domainGUID: "test-example-com", // Can be automatically derived in this case, if example.com is the context.
    initialDomain: "example.onmicrosoft.com",

This sets up Mobile Device Management only.


  • label The label of the Microsoft 365 domain, useful if it is a subdomain (default: "@")

  • mx Set an MX record? (default: true)

  • autodiscover Set Autodiscover CNAME record? (default: true)

  • dkim Set DKIM CNAME records? (default: true)

  • skypeForBusiness Set Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams records? (default: false)

  • mdm Set Mobile Device Management records? (default: false)

  • domainGUID The GUID of this Microsoft 365 domain (default: <label>.<context> with . replaced by -, no default if domain contains dashes)

  • initialDomain The initial domain of your Microsoft 365 tenant/account, ends in onmicrosoft.com

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