Realtime Register is a domain registrar based in the Netherlands.


To use this provider, add an entry to creds.json with TYPE set to REALTIMEREGISTER along with your API-key. Further configuration includes a flag indicating BASIC or PREMIUM DNS-service and a flag indicating the use of the sandbox environment


  "realtimeregister": {
    "apikey": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890",
    "sandbox" : "0",
    "premium" : "0"

If sandbox is omitted or set to any other value than "1" the production API will be used. If premium is set to "1", you will only be able to update zones using Premium DNS. If it is omitted or set to any other value, you will only be able to update zones using Basic DNS.

Important Notes:

  • It is recommended to create a 'DNSControl' user in your account settings with limited permissions (i.e. VIEW_DNS_ZONE, CREATE_DNS_ZONE, UPDATE_DNS_ZONE, VIEW_DOMAIN, UPDATE_DOMAIN), otherwise anyone with access to this creds.json file might have full access to your RTR account and will be able to transfer or delete your domains.


This provider does not recognize any special metadata fields unique to Realtime Register.


An example dnsconfig.js configuration file

var REG_RTR = NewRegistrar("realtimeregister");
var DSP_RTR = NewDnsProvider("realtimeregister");

D("", REG_RTR, DnsProvider(DSP_RTR),
    A("test", ""),

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