Bug Triage Process

Who to assign bugs to?

If an issue is related to a particular provider, assign it to the person responsible for the provider, as listed in Providers's "Maintainers of contributed providers".

Otherwise leave it unassigned until someone grabs it.

How bugs are classified


  • enhancement: New feature of improvement of existing feature

  • bug: feature works wrong or not as expected


  • maybe someday: Low priority

How to handle a provider request

  1. Change the subject to be "Provider request: name of the provider"

  2. Set the label provider-request

  3. Respond to the issue with the message below

  4. Close the issue

The Providers page is generated automatically from all the issues tagged provider-request:

  1. "Requested providers: state=closed, tagged provider-request

  2. "In progress providers": state=open, tagged provider-request, NOT tagged has-pr

  3. "Providers with open PRs": state=open, tagged provider-request AND has-pr

Message to requester:

Thank you for requesting this provider!

I've tagged this issue as a provider-request.  It will (soon) be listed as a "requested provider" on the provider list web page:

I will now close the issue.  I know that's a bit confusing, but it will remain on the "requested provider" list.

If someone would like to volunteer to implement this, please re-open this issue and add the tag `has-pr`.

We encourage you to try adding this provider yourself.  We've tried to make the process as friendly as possible.  Many people have reported that adding a provider was their first experience writing Go.  The process is documented here:
If you need assistance, please speak up in this issue and someone will get back to you ASAP.

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