LOC_BUILDER_DMM({}) actually takes an object with the following properties:
  • label (string, optional, defaults to @)
  • str (string)
  • alt (float32, optional)
  • ttl (optional)
A helper to build LOC records. Supply three parameters instead of 12.
Internally assumes some defaults for LOC records.
Accepts a string with decimal minutes (DMM) coordinates in the form: 25.24°S 153.15°E
Note that the following are acceptable forms (symbols differ):
  • 25.24°S 153.15°E
  • 25.24 S 153.15 E
  • 25.24° S 153.15° E
  • 25.24S 153.15E
D("example.com", REG_MY_PROVIDER, DnsProvider(DSP_MY_PROVIDER),
label: "tasmania",
str: "42°S 147°E",
alt: 3,
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