CSC Global

DNSControl's CSC Global provider supports being a Registrar. Support for being a DNS Provider is not included, although CSC Global's API does provide for this so it could be implemented in the future.
NOTE: Experimental support for being a DNS Provider is available. However it is not recommended as updates take 5-7 minutes, and the next update is not permitted until the previous update is complete. Use it at your own risk. Consider it experimental and undocumented.


To use this provider, add an entry to creds.json with TYPE set to CSCGLOBAL.
In your creds.json file, you must provide your API key and user/client token. You can optionally provide an comma separated list of email addresses to have CSC Global send updates to.
"cscglobal": {
"api-key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
"user-token": "yyyyyyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyyyyyyyyyy",
"notification_emails": "[email protected],[email protected]"


An example configuration:
var REG_CSCGLOBAL = NewRegistrar("cscglobal");
var DSP_BIND = NewDnsProvider("bind");
D("example.tld", REG_CSCGLOBAL, DnsProvider(DSP_BIND),
A("test", "")


To get access to the CSC Global API contact your account manager.
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